About Ramtex

A small cloth shop was started in the historical town of Harappa in the undivided back in the year 1914. That little cloth shop became the first thread and the foundation of what is one of the most well known textile businesses in Punjab and northern India today. Following the partition of India  and years of hardships, struggle and toil, a small small industry was set up in Village Bajra of Ludhiana in the year 1987.

Over the years, Ramtex has evolved into a clothing brand which specializes in designing the finest of casual clothing for Indian women. At Ramtex, we make jacquards, curate fabrics and then embroider, print and embellish them.

We celebrate our quality, design, innovation and above all, we nurture every karigar, every packer and every individual who puts in his heart and soul into our products!

Every piece of cloth, every thread that we weave is a blend of strength and delicacy, fashion and comfort, durability and reliability..

The women of Punjab identify with Ramtex for its contemporary and well-rooted designs. Soft tones, rich embroideries and voguish prints make us trendsetters in Indian Wear. Above everything, at Ramtex we believe in touching lives, one ensemble at a time. 

Every product we make is filled with dollops of wholeness, tonnes of creativity and truckloads of love..